EXANTE Investor Talks in St. Petersburg: foreign accounts, perfect portfolio and market-neutral strategies

EXANTE Investor Talks in St. Petersburg: foreign accounts, perfect portfolio and market-neutral strategies

Four Seasons Hotel, Saint Petersburg, Russia

EXANTE hosted the Investor Talks conference in St. Petersburg. The Talks brought together 70 attendees, including the EXANTE partners and their clients.

Guntars Pupelis, Sales Director Europe & CIS at EXANTE, and his colleagues catered to the EXANTE clients and prospects. Our team unveiled various strategies and instruments available on the trading platform.

Konstantin Ziyatdinov, Head of International Projects and Regional Director Singapore at Prime Advice spoke of the recent changes in the Russian foreign exchange regulation.

Russian citizens are not required to report new foreign accounts and transactions in most jurisdictions if they spend over 183 days a year abroad. The rule works with an exception of the US, the UK, Turkey and several other countries.

Konstantin provided examples of operations and reporting on foreign accounts. He also revealed what kind of fines individuals and organisations may face should they commit any breach related to loan repatriation. Penalties may reach 75 to 100 percent of the total operation amount!

Andrei Gusev, CEO at Mera Capital, and the company’s Head of Analytics Maxim Vezhelich spoke of global economic trends and forecasted growth of certain assets, sectors and national economies. Andrei and Maxim proposed money management options for steady growth in prosperity. They also explained why it’s crucial to choose market-neutral strategies before a looming economic crisis, and shared some instruments employed in these strategies.

Konstantin Balabushko, CEO at SkyBonds, analysed the profitability of Eurobonds during the crisis. He used the examples of Turkey and Mexico to show how Eurobonds hinge on political change. In addition, Konstantin elaborated on successfully implemented investment ideas of 2019 and shared his view of a perfect portfolio. He firmly believes in bonds from various sectors with coupon payments four times a year.

If you wish to attend the next Investor Talks, please contact your personal manager!

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